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Hanson Reproductive Law Firm is an internationally recognized firm specializing in the practice of fertility and third-party reproduction law. Attorneys at Hanson Reproductive Law provide our clients unmatched knowledge and legal expertise related to assisted reproductive technology and third party reproductive rights, as well as insurance related best practices for family formation. Our firm is committed to offering our clients - individuals, intended parents and third-party surrogates or donors - a broad range of services related to family formation to ensure peace of mind and secure legal protections of themselves, their family and children. At Hanson, we are dedicated to advising, counseling and protecting families, surrogates and donors through the various stages of building their unique family as we recognize that the journey is different for everyone. Over the past decade, our firm has helped families navigate the quickly changing reproductive laws throughout both the United States and internationally and our team takes pride in serving as a trusted legal advisor by offering distinguished knowledgeable legal counsel to our clients. Our services are tailored based on the needs of individual clients through private consultations. To begin the process of addressing the legal matters of you and your family, we invite you to please reach out to our office to schedule a consultation during which time we can discuss your unique situation and needs and subsequently individualize our services to best address every step of your personal case.

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At Hanson Reproductive Law Firm we are deeply committed to providing our clients with the legal protections and guidance needed to help in the process of family formation, growing and protecting families. We are mindful of the emotional journey each client experiences through the process of building a family and value understanding, empathy and equality while offering unparalleled legal counsel.


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With nearly a decade of assisting clients in assisted reproductive law, our firm offers a vast breadth of experience in the area of surrogacy agreements. Our services are tailored specifically to the needs of each client and local state or international laws to help protect all parties and their families. ...[more]

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At Hanson Reproductive Law Firm, our attorneys will work with gestational carriers and intended parents regarding insurance contracts. The expense of surrogacy or assisted reproductive procedures, including egg donations, can be costly with inevitable health insurance and medical costs incurred. ... [more]

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Egg and Sperm donors help individuals and couples through third party reproduction to grow their desired family; our firm represents donor clients in establishing donor agreements between themselves and the intended recipients to outline each parties’ rights, obligations and responsibilities. Generally,...[more]

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